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“Snub” Pollard in California or Bust (Pathex 9,5mm. A Hal Roach Comedy 1923)

Snub and his girlfriend are going on a vacation. They rent a car and go for a ride. They take a lot of things with them and get in a lot of trouble during the trip. This is a scanned 9,5mm Pathé movie which came to us in two parts. We digitized it, restaurated the film, stabilized it and edited it. Also we put some music under this silent movie. The music is from Paul Whiteman with Dance of the Hours, recorded from an Edison Cylinder from 1920 and Rudy Wiedoeft with Rubenola, recorded from an Edison Cylinder from 1927. This is what we can do with old silent movies.

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Charley Chase – Just a real good car. (A Hal Roach Comedy, 1924)

This is a 9,5 mm film from Pathé with the title: “Charley Chase – Just a real good car.” A Hal Roach Comedy, 1924. Digitized, restaurated, stabilized and edited by

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De aanleg van en eerste race op het circuit van Zandvoort in 1948

Iedereen kent het circuit van Zandvoort wel. Maar hoe zag de eerste race eruit? In deze video wint prins Birabongse Bhanudej Bhanubandh de openingsrace. Voordat deze plaats kon vinden, moest echter eerst een circuit worden aangelegd. Ook dat zie je in deze video uit 1948.

In this 1948 video, you can see how the Zandvoort track was built. You can also see footage from the first race, won by the Siamese prince Birabongse Bhanudej Bhanubandh.

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